Why I only support one driver in F1

This is a slightly different blog post to most about F1.

I started watching Formula 1 back in 1999 and immediately I supported Mika Hakkinen. Obviously he’d become world champion in 1998; but I was 7 at the time and I didn’t know. Young and an f1 noob at the time.

From the get go I only supported one driver. Mika was extremely fast but most importantly for me was he never played mind games and did his talking on the track. Obviously he went up against a fellow Irishman (Eddie Irvine) for the title in 1999 but I supported Mika 100%.

Mika retired in 2001 and Kimi took his place at McLaren and I’ve supported him since 2002. Many ups and downs but honestly I wouldn’t change it at all.

Kimi moved to the enemy (at the time) in 2007 and that was the time where I had to decide whether I chose a driver or a team. I chose Kimi. Let’s not forget for 7 years my heroes were driving for McLaren. I respected and liked McLaren a lot back then but I wasn’t happy if Coulthard or Montoya won instead of Kimi or Mika.

Many people support multiple drivers and teams and for sure there’s nothing wrong with that + I respect it; but for me it just wouldn’t be the same because if you support multiple drivers then it’s guaranteed to be good times nearly every weekend.

For me there’s no better feeling than seeing the only driver you support win a race, win a championship or pull out an amazing drive to get a podium. The buzz is massive and the feeling is incredible. Genuinely spine tingling and just a sense of joy and excitement only matched by having feelings for someone.

Of course there are bad times with only supporting one driver but I wouldn’t change it. I’d rather support one driver through good and bad times than multiple drivers and having highs every weekend.

I’ve supported Kimi for 14 years and I will until he retires. When he does, I’ll support someone else (seems crazy at the moment) and once again live through the highs and lows of supporting one driver.

That’s just me anyway. 🙂


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