Bad luck is part of Formula 1

I was going to write this at the end of the season; but now seems a perfect day to do it.

I don’t support either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg and I don’t care who wins the championship in Abu Dhabi on the 27th of November.

Last night on YouTube I heard Rachel Brookes of Sky Sports F1 say to Hamilton that Rosberg was lucky today again:

I was really disappointed by that. Bad luck and mistakes are part of the game in Formula 1. It’s like she’s never seen another season of F1.

Has Hamilton had bad luck this year?

The answer is yes. That’s pretty obvious. He’s had multiple issues this year. Qualifying in China, Russia (Q3) and the race in Malaysia come to mind. Of course he started at the back as well in Spa because of the engine penalties. Not a single person can deny that Hamilton has had rotten luck compared to all the other Mercedes powered cars this year. It’s cost him a lot of points obviously. Very unfortunate; but it’s not the first time it’s happened in F1.

Bad luck is part of Formula 1 and it will continue to be 

The question is though is this bad luck or a unique situation? The answer is pretty obvious again: It’s bad luck. As much as bad luck hurts for the driver and his loyal fans, that’s all it is. Nothing more. It’s not sabotage and for Mercedes to respond to those nutters suggesting that is silly.

I’ve been watching F1 since 1999 and I’ve seen many cases of bad luck throughout the seasons I’ve been watching the sport.

As a fan of Räikkönen since 2002, I know this feeling especially. In 2005 Kimi had multiple grid drops due to engine changes and lost certain wins in Hockenheim and San Marino due to car issues. He won as many races as Alonso in 2005 and probably would have won 3 or 4 more if it wasn’t for bad luck.

Kimi had a lot more car failures compared to Montoya in 2005 but not once did he mention this or did I think to myself it was sabotage by McLaren. It’s bonkers to think that. It’s just incredibly bad luck.

He should have won the championship in 2005. Credit to Renault though. They built a super reliable car, a quick car and Alonso’s super consistency meant they won it and deservedly so.

Nico Rosberg is doing exactly the same this year as Alonso did in 2005. Is it particularly amazing and exciting? No. Like Alonso though he’s trying to defend a lead and is smartly just collecting 2nd place finishes. His brilliant drives in Singapore and Japan means he can afford to do it. Of course his teammates misfortunes have helped too; but he’s doing a very good and solid job.

Alonso had bad luck at Spa in 2012, Vettel had bad luck at multiple races in 2010, but he never gave up and still won the title. Bad luck happens in F1 and it will continue to do so for as long as F1 is around. It hurts when it happens to your favourite driver or team, but you move on and deal with it. Usually bad and good luck evens itself out eventually.

For me it’s impossible not to feel sorry for Hamilton due to all the bad luck; but bad luck is part of Formula 1 and sport. That’s all it is.




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