Lewis Hamilton was right to do what he did in Abu Dhabi; but Nico Rosberg is a worthy world champion

The scenario is this. You’re 12 points behind; you need your teammate to finish 4th. You have the fastest car in the field by a country mile. So what’s the logical thing to do? Back the field up. That’s what Lewis Hamilton did yesterday.

Was Hamilton right to do it? Absolutely 

It was the only chance Hamilton had to win the title unless Rosberg’s car broke down. Any other driver with a champion mentality would have done the same. Mercedes had such a pace advantage that if Sebastian Vettel had overtaken Rosberg, Lewis would still have won in my opinion.

The problem for Hamilton was Rosberg had to finish 4th for him to win the title. Verstappen, Ricciardo and Räikkönen were on all old soft tyres and despite slowing the pace down massively, they couldn’t catch up to go for a possible overtake.

Hamilton ignoring team orders was the correct decision on this occasion. Both championships were already guaranteed for Mercedes. It was between the two Mercedes drivers for the WDC of course. Mercedes should have known this tactic would happen.

It didn’t work out for Hamilton; but it was a good effort. It was also the correct thing to do. Any other driver with the winning mentality would have. He didn’t brake test, weave around or cheat in any way.

Is Rosberg a worthy world champion? Yes 

Of course many Hamilton fans will disagree with this. That’s life and everyone has an opinion.

Personally I think Hamilton is the better driver when he’s at the top of his game. He has that edge of raw speed over Rosberg. Formula 1 is not all about raw speed though. Other factors play a role too.

Was Hamilton unlucky? Yes; but bad luck is part of Formula 1 and that’s it. One driver having more problems in the same team is a common thing. Kimi in 2005, Vettel in 2010, Webber in 2013 spring to mind. It’s not a conspiracy or sabotage. That’s absolute nonsense.

Rosberg’s championship is definitely a victory for the underdog.

For me we saw a new Rosberg this year. A guy who was not going to roll over to Hamilton and completely crack under pressure come the final few races. In Spain and Austria he was not going to let Hamilton through easily. Certainly Austria was his fault; but for me Spain was Hamilton’s fault.

He also overcame a slump in which he only finished on the podium three times in eight races from Spain to Germany. He showed massive mental strength to win 4 of the first 5 races after the summer break. Champion drives in Singapore and Japan.

Then ‘all’ he had to do was finish 2nd from there and he did it. His overtake on Verstappen in Abu Dhabi and his critical Q3 lap in Mexico showed how much stronger he is mentally now in my opinion.

He had the bad luck at Singapore and Abu Dhabi at a critical stage in 2014 and had the issues in 2015; Italy and Russia. He never publicly criticised the team. He remained calm, respectful and humble for the last three years despite constant rubbish from the media and fan abuse.

He never gave up and kept coming back for more against the superb driver that is Lewis Hamilton. Congratulations to Nico Rosberg on becoming world champion.


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