For me the little things in life are the most important

Life is strange. You could see it as studying, working and then dying. On the other side you can grab it and have fun, travel the world and be totally happy with yourself.

Is life that simple though? Definitely not. It’s very complicated, stressful, tough and in my life at the moment; a daily struggle versus very bad depression.

It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody. It’s a horrible battle against dark thoughts.

Anyway moving on to the title of the blog.

Before my dad passed away in 2007, I would have taken a lot of things for granted without a doubt. Good health for me and my parents and expecting everything to remain ‘normal’ forever. Clearly that was massively naive on my part.

Now I wouldn’t take anything for granted. Nothing. The little things are everything to me.

– Telling my siblings they’re important to me.

– Telling my mother I love her and thanking for her for everything she’s done for us.

– Not going to bed on a row.

– Grateful that all of them and me have good physical health.

– Waking up every morning and we’re all alive.

– Looking out for each other.

– Helping others in any way that I can; mostly others with depression and anxiety.

– Being able to eat and drink.

All very small things many people would think; but they’re the most important in life for me. It’s important people know you care about them and love them. Because if they suddenly died then you would know that they knew they were important to know. Never take the people in your life for granted or your health.

Peace ✌


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