Is there such a thing as a normal life for the majority of people?

As a kid, at least for me, you would see families and I would have thought that they are having a normal life. After all these years of depression and the loss of my dad; I’d definitely question if there is such a thing as a normal life for the majority of people.

Obviously people in the public eye can’t have a normal life so they have to be excluded from this. I mean the royal children don’t even have a choice. Crazy to me.

What’s a normal life for me you may ask? I’ll explain it now the best I can.

A normal life for me is someone who is healthy; physically and mentally. They have loving parents and caring relations. They have confidence in themselves. Having friends who look out for them no matter what. A normal run through school, college/university and having a good, solid job with security. Having a home or a comfortable place to live in.

However, the reality in my opinion is totally different. For me a lot of people in the world don’t have a normal life. Do I? Certainly not. That’s why I’ve written this.

I mean as a kid, so many people are bullied in schools. Immediately they would feel terrible about themselves. Isolated, lonely and depressed. Even committing suicide in some cases. A shocking waste of life because of evil bullies. The lack of support from teachers is particularly alarming.

Even at home there’s examples of it. Parents putting too much pressure on their children to do well in exams. Threatening if they don’t do well. Even abusing in some cases. Not about exams; but generally really. Then of course many kids will see one parent assault another, abuse them etc. That for sure would cause some serious damage I’d imagine.

Of course the next example is something that I know all about. Losing a parent young. Of course there’s many others who lose both parents at a much younger age than me. An unimaginable thought. Anyone who may read this and has never seen my blog before will not know I lost my dad to cancer at the age of 15. My sister was 14 and my brother was only 12. They’ve managed to move on and are both incredibly intelligent. Clearly though are teenage years were not normal. Life will never be normal for me again. It’s had a profound impact on my mental health.

Then there’s the general pressure of life. Starting out in school with tests and exams. I don’t think the older generation realise how much mental energy it takes to learn and learn and learn + constant pressure from teachers/lecturers and of course the pressure people on themselves. It can become too much.

This is probably part of a ‘normal life’ but for me another thing is trusting people and getting it so very wrong. I mean this happens to most people for sure; but if you suffer with depression, anxiety and self esteem issues, then it takes a monumental effort just to open up to someone. Then when you find out they are the complete opposite to what you thought they were, that’s a hammer blow.

Of course it’s Christmas is just over 2 weeks away and many people will feel unbelievably alone, lost and depressed at this time of the year. Because of grief, bullying or other things I’ve talked about above. If you know someone like this then I urge you to help them if you can. Just listen. You can’t fix someone; but you can encourage them, keep them going and possibly make them feel a tiny bit better for them.

Then there’s people working who have no home and have to sleep on the streets and in cars. A sickening thing happening worldwide. Of course there’s families ripped apart by wars and fighting.

So is there a normal life for everyone? Definitely not. I think it’s for a minority unfortunately. Life is a hard struggle, a complicated fight and incredibly stressful. It’s a huge fight every day for many.


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