It’s not worth stressing about the small things in life

In the end, we all spend a short time on this planet we’re currently on. Time goes by very quickly and before we know it we’re all gone from this earth.

So is it really worth stressing about stupid little things? The answer is a big fat no.

When you turn 70 or 80 or something like that, will you be worrying what others think about you? The answer should be no to this question.

Far too many people (me included) are/were concerned about what everyone may think of them. For example: For many years I would concern with myself with trying to please everyone and not be disliked by anyone. I mean it’s an absolute load of bullshit quite frankly. I learned that big time after my Dad’s death.

In this world you’ll meet people who won’t like you no matter what. Then you’ll also trust people who turn out to be lying, backstabbing snakes. But the most important thing is to not let them destroy you. What’s the point getting stressed about it? They just win then. It’s a game to them.

Of course there’s stress about exams from a young age to early 20’s. Of course exams are very important; but it’s not the be all and end all of life. It’s also not a contest to see who’s the smartest in class. All you can do is your best. Putting unnecessary stress on yourself takes a toll on the mind.

Stressing about work is also not a good thing. Making mistakes is part of the life and it will happen. Stressing yourself out is just not good for your health. Life is pressurised enough as it is.

Putting yourself first, worrying about the people you care about, having a nice home. That’s what’s important.

So as you come towards the end of your life, what should the most important things be? Knowing you have people who love and care for you and would never forget you. Being comfortable in your own skin. Lived a good life with lots of memories.

Stressing is simply not worth it over small things. That’s just my opinion though and something I’ve tried to learn myself in recent months. 🙂


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