When enough is enough

It’s been a while since I posted something; but I’ve returned. 

The title is about not taking anymore bullshit from people and not letting them walk all over you over and over again. You can’t let it continue until you die. 

I’ve mentioned it before but after my dad died, most of the family on his side didn’t/haven’t bother to check on us again, even after promising they would be here for us. Snakes of the highest order. 

The sad thing is we kind of just accepted getting treated like that and said nothing. Very soft underbellies for far too long and getting walked all over like doormats. 

But enough was enough this year. A long time friend of my mother’s suddenly turned on her for no reason last year and I absolutely ripped into her a few weeks ago. It was coming for years and this was the final straw. I can no longer sit around and accept someone treating my mother or siblings like shit without saying something. 

People will say be the bigger person; but sometimes it’s just not possible. When people have been walking all over us for 10 years, eventually you would snap too. Remarkable that I didn’t before this. 

But it reminded me why I pushed people away from my life; but as I mentioned before also got close to people and turned on them because I wanted them to feel emotional pain like me after my dad died. Not everyone is going to be like them or like I was for a period of time; but it’s so hard for me to trust anyone long-term because of all of that and of course that cancerous Catalan cunt (excuse the vulgar language 😂) last year that I wrote about before. Of course I don’t wish cancer on anybody. 

It really pisses me off when someone does something like that to my mother or siblings. A rare bit of fire in my belly these days in all honesty! 

I mean when it happens to me I don’t care so much. Of course it’s disappointing; but I almost brace myself for it because you get used to being used or seeing a family member getting used. 

In the past I would have been very stupid and naive to constantly accept getting treated like shit by people who said they cared; but would say stuff they didn’t mean and only talked to you when it suited them, even when they would say they be available to chat anytime or tell you they’ll text you and they never do 😂 Using the crying with laughter emoji because I always expect it now. 

I would give them so many chances. That makes me as bad for accepting it! Not anymore though. One chance and that’s it. Attempt to walk all over me and I’ll be gone from their life so fast that even Usain Bolt would be impressed. 

Don’t let anyone ever walk all over you or treat you like a doormat. It will consistently happen to you then. Stand up for yourself and speak out if you need to too. 👊👊👊👊👊

You can only stay loyal for so long. Then enough is enough. 


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